Real Heroes                  (5.2014)
1.) when I was born        
in the south of berlin                     
after the war,                 
no milk, I was thin
and also the youngest boy in my kin
my mother worked hard, so very twin
She was a real hero – all without a din.

2.) After a while
must escape from the state
They threated with prison,
 it was very strait
my mother packed me in the middle of the night
On a secret path, so cold, what a fight 
I was a real hero – all without a din.

3.) then we were poor refugees  – 
 not welcome in town
The neighbours looked jealous,
 they wanted to took us down
It had been a bad feeling like swim and drown
But my father worked hard, sometimes he run down
He was a real hero  – all without a din

4.) Then they packed me to school 
the teacher was bright
I learned all the letters 
and I learned them to write
He taught us the grammar, we learned without bight
In my young life school was never a fight
He was a real hero – all without a din

Now time ‘s passin’ by, I did what a man does, I planted three trees, they grow up, with me.
Yes time ‘s passin’ by,I married three times, I fathered three children, two grow up with me.
Yes, I did it my way – now I’m satisfied – I sing it with joy – my life’s leisurely 

We all are real heroes, but without a din



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